ALL India Kisan Mahasabha will organize a signature campaign against the conspiracy by the BJP government which is meant to destroy Bindukhatta by cheating the people on the revenue village issue and by making it an ‘elephant corridor’. A memorandum with signatures of the people in the area will be sent to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and the Prime Minister with the demand that the State government should pass a Bill in the Assembly to make Bindukhatta a revenue village and cancel the elephant corridor project in Bindukhatta.

The status of revenue village is the main demand of the people of Bindukhatta for which they have long been struggling, but both the BJP and the Congress have betrayed them on this issue. The BJP came to power on the election promise that it would make Bindukhatta a revenue village; one and a half years after coming to power, they have not even taken any initiative in passing a Bill in the Assembly. After decades of human settlement in Bindukhatta, the elephants have already stopped passing this way; the ‘elephant corridor’ is nothing but a conspiracy by the Modi-Trivendra governments to hand over the land to corporate companies. Bindukhatta is a ‘people’s corridor’ and the people will not allow it to be destroyed in the name of an ‘elephant corridor’.

Kisan Mahasabha District President Bahadur Singh Jangi has said that the BJP government has betrayed the people and insulted them by making Bindukhatta a Municipality instead of a revenue village as promised before coming to power. The Congress, when in the Opposition, plays out the drama of demanding revenue village status, but while it was in power, they also ignored the people’s demand for a revenue village.