CPI (ML)’s Jan Adhikar Sabha in Garhwa, Jharkhand

Janadhikar JKD

THE district committee of CPI (ML) called for a Jan Adhikar Sabha (Public meeting on people’s rights) in Garhwa town hall in Jharkhand. The main speaker for the meeting was CPI (ML) MLA in Bihar Assembly, Com. Mehboob Alam . The party has been running a campaign since one month in Garhwa on the slogan ‘Oust BJP- Save Poor, Save Reservation and Save Constitution. The public meeting marked the conclusion of the month long campaign. Addressing the meeting, Com. Mehboob Alam said that today standing in Garhwa, it appears that the dream with which the struggle for Jharkhand was fought and Jharkhand was formed, seems to have been betrayed. People of Jharkhand, especially the Adivasis, were supposed to be the richest in the country in terms of mineral resources, however, they are forced to withstand the misery of poverty and Jharkhand continues to be known for migration.  This is extremely unfortunate and shameful. The Jharkhand CM Raghuvar Das, under the patronage of PM Modi, is bent on converting Jharkhand into a site for loot for the rich and corporate houses. The Raguvar Das government has destroyed the domicile policy of Jharkhand because of which the youth of Jharkhand continue to face the increasing unemployment crisis and are forced to migrate. The Raghuvar Das led BJP government has also stopped the scholarships that were earlier available to Dalit, Adivasi and backward caste post matric students. This move is aimed at ending the access of Dalits, adivasis and backward castes to education. The government is also trying the snatch the land of farmers of Ranka Nagar subdivision and convert them into landless workers. This is being done to ensure both land and labour for the big capitalists, while workers are even denied the wages due to them. Rasoiya, helpers, para teachers and several other honorarium workers are being exploited and denied their right to dignified employment.

Jana JKD


The meeting was also addressed by CPI (ML) district secretary Com. Kalicharan Mehta, state committee member Com. Ravinder Bhuiyan, Garhwa District committee member Com. Akhtar Ansari and other leaders. The meeting was chaired by state committee member Com. Sushma Mehta. The meeting concluded with presentation and passing of the following resolutions:

  1. This meeting expresses concern over the increasing tension between India and Pakistan. A war between two nuclear powers is dangerous for entire Asia and the world. War cannot provide a permanent solution to any problem and hence this meeting demands that a solution be reached through diplomatic efforts so that an environment against terrorism can be created in the entire world.

  2. The meeting expresses its tributes to the martyred jawans in Pulwama and resolves to firmly stand with the families of the jawans and also demands that all the martyred jawans be accorded the status of martyrs and pension be implemented for all the jawans by the Indian government.

  3. The meeting announces struggle for corruption free India and also demands taxes on the rich and the industrialists to strengthen the welfare schemes for the poor.

  4. The meeting strongly condemns the attempts to displace the adivasis and other forest communities from the forests under the guise of the Supreme Court verdict and resolves to stand firmly with the forest lease holders, also demanding that the Modi government immediately bring in an ordinance to safeguard the rights of the forest lease holders/claimants.

  5. The meeting demands that all Rasoiyas, Jal Sahiya, Anganwadi workers and para teachers be declared government employees.

  6. The meeting strongly condemns the destruction of the statue of the architect of our Constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar at Ranka Chowk, Garhwa and demands immediate arrest of the criminals and also demands that cases filed against people participating in spontaneous movements that emerged to protests against this dastardly acts, be withdrawn.