Citizens’ Conferences in Bhojpur in support Com. Raju Yadav

SUB-division level citizens’ conferences were organized at Piro, Jagdishpur and Ara in Bhojpur on 5, 6, and 7 April. During the conferences, the participants resolved that o the occasion of filing of nomination papers of Ara candidate Com. Raju Yadav on 25 April, people from all corners of the District should come and converge at Ara and carry out a vigorous campaign in the entire area with the slogan of ‘Oust BJP’. Along with the CPIML, these conferences were attended by RJD, RLSP, Congress, Ham and VIP activists, citizens, and leaders. CPIML General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya was the chief speaker at these cadre conventions.

Piro: Addressing the Piro conference, Com. Dipankar said that the CPIML has a long heritage of struggle, sacrifice, and martyrdom. We have given MPs and MLAs who have carried the struggles of the people into Parliament and Assemblies in the same way that they fought for these issues on the street. Com. Dipankar pointed out the all-round failures of the Modi government—the economic havoc wreaked by demonetization and GST, attempts to dilute and destroy the Constitution, subversion of law and justice, communal hate and polarization, destruction of education and employment. He said that the people have resolved to throw out this anti-people fascist and failed government. The Mahagatbandhan leaders who spoke at the conference said that the CPIML is the true Party of the poor which has always stood with the people in their struggle for justice, equality and rights, and the need of the hour is to make the CPIML candidate victorious.

Hundreds of CPIML RJD, and Mahagathbandhan activists and leaders came from Agiaon, Charpokhri, Gadhani, Sahar, Tarari and Piro Blocks to attend the conference. Addressing the conference, CPIML candidate Com. Raju Yadav is getting widespread support from all sections due to the struggles led by the CPIML on issues like education, irrigation, crop purchase price, employment and the growing number of crimes.


GS Jagdishpur


CPIML General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya and Party candidate Com. Raju Yadav arrived at the Town Hall, the conference venue, after garlanding Veer Kunwar’s statue and visiting the shrine of martyr Pir Ali. Addressing the activists, Com. Dipankar said that this is the first government after independence which is spreading communal hatred in the name of nationalism. They talk of ending corruption and lies, but they have actually legalized corruption. They talk of Swadeshi but they have benefited a foreign country in the Rafale deal. For 5 years the NDA government spent time and money on propaganda and advertisement instead of working. Now the time has come for the people to change this repressive government, and the people of Bhojpur are going to be a part of this change. The 2014 election was a calamity from which the people have learnt a lesson and they will not make the same mistake again.


At the citizens’ conference in Ara, Com. Dipankar Bhattacharya said that when the BJP came with the Ram Mandir issue in 1989 and tried to divide the people on communal lines, the people of Bhojpur roundly rejected them and elected Com. Ramnaresh Ram. This time also, the people of Bhojpur will reject BJP’s communal hate politics and make Comrade Raju Yadav victorious. He said that the people of the country would reject the communal-fascist duo of Modi and Shah. Com. Dipankar elaborated on the failure of the Modi government on all fronts, bringing distress to all sections including farmers, workers, students, youth, dalits, adivasis, minorities, women and the poor. He said that the BJP candidate RK Singh is a bureaucrat who cannot understand the language of the people and who does not care about the people, unlike Raju Yadav who shares all their sorrows and joys.

Comrade Raju Yadav said that Ara has waited in vain for development for the last 5 years. Education, employment, electricity, irrigation, and health all are in abysmal condition. He called on the people of Ara to vote out such a ‘jumlebaj’ representative and government.

The conference was also addressed by former MLA Vijendra Yadav, Ara MLA Anwar Alam, Sandesh MLA Arun Yadav, Jagdishpur Rambishun Lohiya, former Piro MLA Chandradev Singh, AISA National General Secretary Sandeep Saurav, CPI District President Pramod Yadav, Congress District President Triveni Singh, RJD leaders and leaders from Insaf Manch, AIPWA, and other organizations. The conference was conducted by Sudhir Suman. Mhagatbandhan leaders addressing the conference said that the CPIML was truly a party of the poor and the weaker sections and has always stood for the oppressed sections, and called upon the people to vote for the CPIML candidate.