Joint Left Convention in Hazaribagh

LEFT parties organized a joint convention on 9 April 2019 at the Ohdar Patel Bhavan, Ramgarh to campaign for Comrade Bhuvaneshwar Mehta, CPI candidate from the Hazaribagh Lok Sabha constituency. CPI leader Com. Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Mehta, CPIML Central Committee member Com. Shubhendu Sen, MCC leader Com. Mithilesh Singh, and CPI-M leaders comrades Gopichand Bakshi and Ramchandra Thakur addressed the convention which was attended by hundreds of Left activists. Present at the convention, conducted by Mangal Ohdar, were CPIML leaders comrades Bhuvaneshwar Bediya, Devkinandan Bediya, Bigendra Thakur, Saryu Bediya, Devanand Gope, Lalchand Thakur, Nita Bediya, Laxman Bediya, Sohan Bediya, Jagan Bediya, Lalkumar Bediya, Kajru Chaudhury and others. An 11-member campaign steering committee comprising leaders from all 4 Left parties was formed to run the campaign for Com. Bhuvaneshwar Mehta, the joint Left candidate from the constituency.