Youth Campaign for Raju Yadav in Ara LS Constituency

AISA has organized several meetings in the Ara Lok Sabha constituency with maximum participation of students and youth. These meetings were held at Balua, Sohra and Tribhuani (Badhara Block), Jamalpur (Koilvar Block), Ratanpur, Bheldumra, Belvania, Bara, Khushhalpur, Kaushik Dularpur and Ganghar (Ara Mofussil), Bibiganj, Chhotki Sasaram and Karisath (Udvantnagar Block), Shahpur, Gareya, Doghra and Char Ghat (Shahpur Block). A large number of students and youth from outside the Party ambit also took part in the meetings.

AISA leaders comrades Sandeep Saurav, Abhyuday, Sabeer, Ranjan Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Anshu Raj, Prem Ranjan, Vikas Kumar, Lal Ji Sharma, Jai Shankar, Dhirendra Kumar, Bhagwan Ji, Sushil Yadav and others addressed the meetings. Some of the meetings were also addressed by RJD student leaders Bhim Yadav, Ravi Thakur, Chandan Yadav and Ganguly. Resolutions were passed at the meetings to make Mahagatbandhan supported CPIML candidate Raju Yadav victorious.

The speakers at the meetings said that the Modi government has done nothing in the past 5 years for students and youth; on the contrary, they have destroyed education and employment opportunities. They said that this government was responsible for the institutional murder of Rohith Vemula who stood for the India of Bhagat Singh and Dr Ambedkar’s dreams. RK Singh, the BJP candidate from Ara, as former Home Secretary had said that there is solid proof that the RSS is a terrorist organization, but today he sits in the lap of that very RSS and asks for votes. They pointed out that the Modi-Nitish governments are putting education beyond the reach of ordinary students through fee hikes, fund cuts, scholarship cuts and privatization of education. Lakhs of vacancies are lying unfilled in government jobs and unemployment is at an all time high. They said that students, youth, an all people should vote for Raju Yadav who is committed to fighting for the rights of students, youth, and all marginalized sections.

The student wing of RJD will join AISA in campaigning for Raju Yadav across Ara among students, youth, intellectuals, farmers and workers.

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