Sankalp Sabha For Martyred Comrade at Badgaon in Bhojpur

Administration Imposes False Case against 500 CPI(ML) Leaders and Supporters for Paying Tributes to the Martyr Satish Yadav

Thousands of workers, farmers, students, youth, and women observed the 4th martyrdom day of Comrade Satish Yadav at a Sankalp Sabha in Badgaon (Agiaon Block) on 20 August 2019 where they remembered their dear Comrade and pledged to fulfil his dreams. The meeting was held successfully despite all ploys for disruption by feudal forces and the administration.

It is to be noted that the administration, under pressure from feudal forces, imposed Section 144 on 20 August in order to prevent the already announced program from taking place. The people accepted this challenge and a veritable flood of people, including a huge number of women, flouting Section 144, surged towards Badgaon holding aloft red flags.

The meeting was addressed by many leaders including CPIML Central Committee members Manoj Manzil and Raju Yadav, Tarari MLA Sudama Prasad and others.

Addressing the meeting, Manoj Manzil criticized the government and asked if the BJP-JD(U) government did not allow dalits, poor, farmers and workers to even remember their martyred comrade. He said that there is an Emergency-like situation in the country today. The morale of feudal-communal-criminal forces in Bihar is high today as they are receiving protection from the government; the government is imposing Section 144 in Badgaon and protecting martyr Comrade Satish Yadav’s killer Rinku Singh. If the administration wants peace in Badgaon, they should first of all punish the killers of Comrade Satish Yadav.



Central Committee member Raju Yadav said that the country is facing a grave economic slowdown but the BJP is busy doing politics in the name of Article 370 and Ram Mandir. They are trying to destroy the Constitution by passing the UAPA Bill, amending the RTI Act, and abrogating Article 370. He said that the next target for the RSS will be to end reservation for dalits and backward sections.

Tarari MLA Sudama Prasad said that today the entire Bhojpur is afflicted with drought, while the Northern region is in the grips of a flood situation. The farmers are fearful of this situation. The government should give identity cards to sharecropping farmers so that they can avail themselves of the benefits of government schemes. This was also the dream of our martyred Comrade Satish Yadav, and to fight for the fulfilment of this dream would be the best tribute to our martyred comrade.



Administration Imposes False Case against 500 CPI(ML) Leaders and Supporters for Paying Tributes to the Martyr Satish Yadav

Bhojpur Administration has imposed the false cases against CPI(ML) leaders and 500 unknown persons for organizing the Sankalp Sabha!

CPI(ML) Bihar State Secretary Kunal issued a statement strongly condemning the BJP-JD(U) government and said that they should refrain from repressing agitations and stop strangling democracy.

It is to be noted that the Satish Yadav was a very popular farmers’ leader of Bhojpur. The program had been announced well in advance, and preparations for it were going on continuously, but the administration started putting obstacles in the way of the program under pressure from Rinku Singh, the chief accused in the murder of Satish Yadav. Bowing to pressure from feudal forces, the administration imposed Section 144 on the day of the program in order to stop the Sankalp Sabha. The CPI(ML) asked for the arrest of the feudal forces so that the Sankalp Sabha could be peacefully held, but the administration refused to listen to them. Then the CPI(ML) leaders held the Sankalp Sabha in the village as announced. The Sankalp Sabha was attended by Central Committee members Manoj Manzil and Raju Yadav, MLA Sudama Prasad and thousands of farmers, workers, students and youth. Later, it came to be known that the administration has registered a false case against 17 CPI(ML) leaders and 500 persons.

Clearly, this action has been taken under pressure from the feudal forces. The CPI(ML) questions the Bihar government: why are the killers of Satish Yadav not being arrested? Has it become a crime in Bihar to organize peaceful Sankalp Sabhas (meetings) and remember our martyrs? The Bihar government should refrain from repressing leaders of struggles and strangling democratic rights.

Bihar Secretary Kunal also said that the morale of feudal forces is riding high after the BJP has come back to power for a second time at the Centre.