Struggle for Flood Relief

POOR and dalits organized a meeting under the joint banners of CPIML and AIARLA on 16 August 2019 at Math Chhaprar (Bahadurpur) in Darbhanga on the issues of flood relief, mainly about finalizing the list of flood victims through a monitored meeting. AIARLA District President Jangi Yadav said that a strong agitation would be launched if the administration does not give relief to all the flood victims in Pirdi Panchayat. Pirdi Mukhiya Tiliya Devi said that the list of flood victims would be passed through a Panchayat-monitored meeting on 18 August and we will stand united in the fight for relief for all of those victims. CPIML Block Secretary Abhishek Kumar said that the Halla-Bol agitation against the snatching away of the rights of the poor would be sharpened and strengthened through mobilization of the rural poor.