Comrade Dina Ji

Comrade Dina Ji (Dinanath Das), age 62, resident of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Jahanabad, passed away at 9 pm on the night of 3 August 2019 at PCMH Patna. He had been ailing for the last 2 years and was suffering from diabetes and severe knee pain.

Dina JI was one of the leaders in Jahanabad from the early days. He was associated with the Party from around 1976. At that time he lived in Gaderiya sector in the heart of Jahanabad city. He had a two-room mud house which was affected by heat as well as damp. The Party was underground at that time, and his home functioned as a secret office as well as shelter for leaders. After some time he shifted to Bhagat Singh Nagar.

Comrade Dina JI was a cobbler and made shoes. His income was meager and his family was always in want but despite this he was always discharged his Party responsibilities with great dedication. He was always active in struggles, sang revolutionary and people’s songs, and was a good campaigner. He worked in various organizations. In the early phase he was a member of the Kisan Sabha District Coordination Committee. He worked in various capacities from organizing hand-cart and rickshaw drivers in the city to working as the coordinator for the Bhakta Mazdoor Sangh (a cobblers’ association). He worked as a member of the Party’s Jahanabad City Committee and also as the President of the Footpath Vendors Association, and won victories in struggles for the rights of footpath vendors.

Comrade Dina JI was a simple and sociable person. He came regularly every morning and evening to the Party office after it was shifted to Bhagat Singh Nagar. When he came to the office after finishing his work in the evenings, he always brought some mixture (a savoury snack) for the office. When everyone had gone to Kolkata for the People’s Convention, Comrade Dina Ji was given the responsibility of looking after the office.