Rasoiyas March in Eliya, Sitapur District

ABOUT 100 Rasoiyas (Mid-day Meal Workers) led by AIPWA Sultanpur District President Sarojini organized a protest on 2 August 2019 at Eliya Block. The Rasoiyas marched from Kasba Imliya to the BRC office where they held a protest meeting. At the end of the meeting a 4 point memorandum was submitted to the BDO through the representative Arvind Kumar. Addressing the meeting, Block President Kiran Devi said that honorarium arrears from April 2019 are due to the Rasoiyas which should be paid without delay. Rasoiya Sangathan also demanded to implement the equal honorarium for Rasoiyas across the country; a minimum honorarium of Rs 8000, and all Rasoiyas should be registered in the Labour Department. The meeting was conducted by Anil Kumar.