Comrade Ramvriksh Sanyogi

Comrade Ramvriksh Sanyogi of Ghazhipur (Uttar Pradesh) passed away on 1 October 2019. He had fallen seriously ill about 15-20 days ago and was admitted to the BHU Hospital in Varanasi but he breathed his last despite the medical treatment.

Comrade Ramvriksh was born to a poor family in Sanyogpur village, Jakhaniya Tahsil, Ghazipur District. He came into contact with the Communist movement in 1985 at Ghazipur and joined the CPI. He joined the CPIML in March 1996 along with Vasudev Tyagi and other comrades. He was the Jakhaniya Block Secretary for a long period of time. Of late he had become less active in political matters due to ill health, but despite failing health he played an active role as the Revariya (Leghiya) Branch Secretary. He was always present at political activities and struggles. Comrade Ramvriksh was bid a final farewell on 2 October at the Ghazipur Crematorium. Many friends and Party comrades accompanied him on his last journey. Red Salute to Comrade Ramvriksh Sanyogi!