Farmers-Workers Conference in Hardoi District

A farmers-workers unity conference was organized on 2 October 2019 at Mallawa Tahsil in Hardoi District. Speaking at the conference, All India Kisan Mahasabha State Secretary Comrade Ishwari Prasad Kushwaha said that the Modi-Yogi BJP governments have made life miserable for farmers (the country’s food producers) and workers (the backbone of factories and industries). Reports are coming in daily of workers losing their jobs as factories and industries close down due to economic slowdown. PM Modi had promised to create jobs, but his government has brought in the highest unemployment rates. Farmers are fighting for loan waivers but the real loan waivers and tax exemptions are going to the rich corporate businessmen. Prices of seeds, fertilizers, electricity and diesel are spiraling. Stray cattle are destroying standing crops of farmers. CM Yogi says cows are safe now, but the reality is that gaushalas are in such dire condition that they have become a graveyard for cattle. In the face of this huge agrarian crisis, farmers must themselves act as the opposition to the Modi-Yogi governments.

The conference was presided over by Comrade Vibhuti Prasad, conducted by Om Prakash Patel and addressed by Afroz Alam, Nathu Lal, Jagdish Singh, Arati Trivedi, Ram Raj, Rakesh Kumar and others. The conference pledged to carry forward the legacy of the great kisan leaders Madari Pasi and Baba Ram Chander Das and renew the peasants’ movement once again in Awadh. It was decided to organize a farmers’ meeting in Madhoganj on 2 November and a farmers’ protest at Mallawa Block on 21 November.

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