CPIML Congratulates the People for Historic All India Strike

Against Modi’s Devastation of Economy and Attacks on Democracy and Constitution

New Delhi, 8 January.

CPIML congratulates the people of India, and the working classes in particular, for expressing their united resolve in the immensely successful All India General Strike against the Modi government’s anti-people, anti-worker policies and continued attacks on India’s constitution and democracy.

The working classes of the country have come forward in the general strike to warn the Modi government to desist from attacking the constitutional fundamental rights of the people of India and from depriving all sections of the people various legal and social protections guaranteed in various laws enacted in the course of the last century. The working class were joined by all sections of people including rural workers, peasants, intelligentsia, students, youth, dalit, women and others, whose massive participation added to the historical success of this strike call.

People from all the sectors, industries, institutions and other segments of society came on the streets defying the fascistic intimidations as well as governmental intimidation in the form of an official order on the eve of the general strike call threatening that employees joining strike in any form, would face the consequences and disciplinary action.

Now it is time that the Modi government at the Centre and BJP led state governments must learn to respect the common people of the country, the Constitution and labour laws.

It must roll back the NPR, NRC, CAA and the Labour Code Bill, free trade union and human rights activists including Sudha Bharadwaj. The all India strike targeted the Modi Government for grooming fascist gangs, and using state machinery and police, to attack innocent citizens.

CPIML also congratulates the student and youth in various campuses including JNU, Jamia, AMU, BHU and others who came out with full strength, and whose consistent fight for democracy, defying all kinds of repression has become an inspiring struggle against fascism.

Today’s strike and Bharat Bandh will be a milestone in the struggle for an India of Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh’s dreams.
-Central Committee, CPIML