Ensure Defeat of the Communal and Authoritarian Agenda of the BJP in Delhi Elections!

Hold the Modi Govt. Accountable for Economic Recession and Massive Unemployment!

CPIML Delhi State Committee has issued a statement regarding Delhi Assembly elections.

WITH the imposition of CAA-NRC-NPR, the country and our Constitution are facing their biggest challenges. The country is witnessing unprecedented protests by women, students and citizens but the Modi Govt appears to be in no mood to relent and continues to perpetuate its agenda of communal hate-mongering. Taking inspiration from the women of Shaheen Bagh, citizens have initiated similar protests at many places in both Delhi and the country. The students of Jamia, JNU and DU have also been continuously on the streets against state-sponsored attacks on universities. Over the last six years, we have seen attacks on democratic rights and imprisonment of activists on false cases and aggressive fanning of the communal agenda through lynchings or the bogey of love jihad. The singular response of the BJP Govts both at the centre and the states to democratic protests has been to unleash brutal suppression. This has been most visible in the police action on Jamia, AMU, Allahabad University, Gujrat and large parts of UP. The economy today is in a continuous downward slide with all indicators pointing towards a prolonged period of economic recession. Unemployment is at a 50 year high and job creation is negligible, creating massive joblessness. The CAA-NRC-NPR is a ploy by the BJP Govt. to not only to further its divisive agenda but to deflect our attention from the faltering economy and the Govt’s failure to provide jobs, education and basic needs of the people.

With the elections to the Delhi Assembly happening in this backdrop, the CPI-ML Delhi State Committee will channelize all its energy and resources to strengthen the many ongoing movements against CAA-NRC-NPR and ensure the defeat of the communal and authoritarian agenda of the BJP in the upcoming elections. It will not contest the Assembly Elections and extend support to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 68 of the 70 seats in Delhi. It will support the CPIM candidate in Badarpur and the CPI in Bawana Assembly Constituencies.

We believe that compared to previous governments the AAP has made significant improvement in conditions of school education, health, electricity and water but has failed to live up to its own promises made to the working class like ensuring minimum wages and regularization of contract workers. In the case of DTC workers, it has failed to ensure the principle of ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’. There have been continuous deaths of sanitation workers, and they have not been regularized, thousands of guest teachers in schools have not been regularized. The recent deaths of workers in factory fires are a case in point about how the AAP has failed to deliver on its promises for the workers of Delhi. The AAP must commit to reducing the fees of higher educational institutions under the Delhi Govt and buying at least 10,000 buses for the DTC which till date remains the most viable way to improve public transport and reduce pollution in the city. It must also agree to the longstanding demands of the students of Delhi for Metro Pass and passing a Rent Control Act The CPIML will make the above the agenda of our struggles in the coming days and hopes that the AAP will take up these issues seriously during the election campaign and after.

The CPIML Delhi State Committee will actively support the AAP in the upcoming Assembly elections to ensure the defeat of the BJP. The various district and area committees of the CPIML will engage in a door to door campaign across the city on the CAA-NRC-NPR and expose of the divisive agenda of the BJP.

Alongside supporting and adding strength to the ongoing movement in Shaheen Bagh, Inderlok, Seelampur, Mustafabad, Khureji, Turkman Gate, Mandawali the CPIML will also initiate similar movements in different parts of the city.