COMRADES Mahboob Alam, leader of the CPIML Legislative party group in Bihar and Vinod Singh, MLA in Jharkhand, have sent memorandum to the Chief Ministers of many states including Delhi, Maharashtra, and Telangana, demanding relief and safety for the migrant workers who are now stranded in lockdown in their states.

CPIML in Bihar has sent a memorandum to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 27 March 2020 asking him to establish co-ordination with various political parties, workers’ organizations and self-help groups to ensure timely help and relief to the numerous migrant workers who are stuck inside and outside Bihar due to the sudden lockdown. However, no such initiative has been forthcoming from the administration, which is a cause for great concern. The CPIML has put a 6-point list of suggestions to the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, the three CPIML MLAs Comrades Mahboob Alam, Sudama Prasad and Satyadev Ram have announced one month’s salary each as contribution to the relief fund for those affected by the lockdown.

In the Memorandum to the Chief Minister is said that the largest number of migrant workers across the country is from Bihar. The 21-day nation-wide lockdown imposed in order to check the spread of Corona virus has created other grave problems of which migrant workers and students are forced to bear the brunt. Due to the sudden lockdown they are stuck in various parts of the country. Reports are coming from numerous places that they have no more money and the police are beating them instead of solving their problems. Large numbers of workers, migrant from Bihar have started walking home, carrying their children, from Delhi, Rajasthan, and other places. Tormented by thirst and hunger, it is difficult to say how they will be able to reach Bihar. Inside Bihar also workers are stuck in different places. Also, no arrangements have been made yet for those migrant workers who have managed to reach their villages.

Reports are constantly coming in the media that doctors are struggling to get essential equipment to fight Corona. Essential medical services are not yet available in hospitals. There is only a single Testing Center in the entire Bihar. In such a difficult situation, the need of the hour is that the government should establish top-to-bottom coordination with other political parties, labor organizations, and social groups so that an immediate solution can be found for these problems. The government is taking initiatives from its side, but that is not sufficient. The attitude of the administration to lock other groups (who would be of great help) in their homes instead of taking their cooperation is undemocratic. Although Help-Line numbers have been issued, but that’s a mere formality and those line are not yielding results. The biggest sufferers due to this attitude are the migrant workers; and the poor could be facing other grave problems in addition to the dangers of Corona.


Keeping the above in view, the following are the demands and suggestions for the government to consider and act upon immediately:

  1. In view of the Emergency situation of Lockdown, the government should take measures on a large and extensive scale. They should take extensive cooperation from other political parties, labor organizations, and self-help groups so that steps can be taken in the direction of rendering timely assistance to migrant workers.

  2. The administration should issue passes to leaders of various political parties, MLAs and other important leaders so that they can start initiatives from their own organizations also to assist migrant workers returning to Bihar. Co-ordination should be established between the administration and political-social workers. This should be implemented at the District level also. The government can carry out relief work better through Panchayat representatives.

  3. As there is a Lockdown, the government should guarantee distribution of grains and other essentials to the needy, the poor and workers; if possible, cooked meals should be provided. Help from political parties, labor organizations and self-help groups should be taken for this work and they should be given permits for this.

  4. The government should give serious consideration to the concerns expressed by doctors and essential medical equipment should immediately be made available. Complaints are coming from many places that doctors do not have even basic minimum medical equipment. It is suspected that 83 doctors at NMCH may possibly be Corona-affected. The government should pay immediate attention to this.

  5. The testing process for Corona is very slow. WHO has cautioned that only Lockdown is not sufficient and maximum attention should be paid to large-scale testing of suspected cases. The Testing Centers should be started without delay in sufficient number.

  6. The attitude of the administration even in this time of Emergency is extremely inhuman. The police are misusing the Lockdown and unleashing brutalities on the hapless poor. This should be immediately curbed.