AICCTU Briefs from Puducherry

LARSEN and Toubro Limited Timber Shop unit (Building and Factories) resumed production after one and half month Lock down in Puducherry during the month of April. The unit management after reopening the factory discontinued decades old canteen facility to its workers. L & T Jananayaka Thozhilalar Sangam (AICCTU) pressurized the management to continue canteen facility as it was necessary during this COVID 19 Pandemic. This issue was also taken to the notice of the Labour Commissioner. After that the management conceded to continue the canteen facility, but it supplied sub-standard food pockets instead of full square meal. A boycott of food was carried out by the union and it continued for a week. The workers returned the food pockets every other day. Finally, the management budged and provided regular customary food. This struggle boosted the morale of the workers.

Suja Shoe industries, a joint venture company of Japan which manufactures rubber components to automobile industries, employs more than 150 workers. The factory when reopened after Lockdown, the management abolished all women section and terminated orally all 43 women workers. A complaint was filed before the Labour Commissioner by Pondicherry Synthetic Products Democratic Workers Union (AICCTU). The commissioner of labour ordered for a factory level inspection. Consequently, prohibitory orders were issued against the management. After much intense struggle by workers the management agreed to reinstate all the forty three women workers.