Comrade Khaderan Singh

CPIML Bihata Block Committee member Khaderan Singh (70) passed away on the morning of 18 June 2020. A diabetic and a heart patient already receiving treatment at Ara hospital, Comrade Khaderan Singh was injured on 24 May in a motorcycle accident and suffered a broken hip bone. Following the doctor’s advice, he was being treated at home on a stretcher. On the night of 17 June his condition worsened and he passed away at about 3 AM on 18 June.

Hearing the news of his demise, grieving Party leaders and activists reached his house in Bihiya where he was honored with the Party flag and tributes were paid to him. His last rites were performed at Mahuli Ghat.

Comrade Khaderan Singh became a member of the Party about 12 years ago, prior to which he was working in a private company at Kolkata and was associated with the CPM. After retirement he came back to his home in Bihiya joined the CPIML. He has been a Bihiya Block Committee member for 6 years and remained dedicated to expanding and strengthening the Party till his last breath. Party leaders who paid tribute to him at his home along with his many relatives included CC member Raju Yadav, Tarari MLA Sudama Prasad, Ara City Secretary Dilraj Pritam, Bihiya Block Secretary Harendra Singh, Block Committee members Pannalal, Ishwar Chand and Mukesh Paswan, Ara City Committee members Dinanath Singh and Zakir Hussain, and AISA leaders Anshu Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Satish Kumar and Razak.

Red Salute to Comrade Khaderan Singh!