Protest Against Racist, Communal, Casteist and Gender Oppression

WORLD Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) affiliate trade unions AICCTU, CITU, AITUC, AIUTUC, TUCC and UTUC held protests in Patna on 24 June 2020 in response to the WFTU call against racial discrimination in America and across the world including as well as racial, communal, casteist and gender discrimination in India. Activists at the protest raised slogans against government-protected racial and communal-casteist violence in America and India.

A meeting was held at the protest venue presided over by AICCTU leader Ranvijay Kumar and addressed by leaders from various parties including Arun Mishra, RN Thakur, Kaushalendra Kumar Verma, Anil Sharma, Suryakar Jitendra and others.

The speakers said that at this time when the Corona pandemic is a deep crisis for the whole world and protecting citizens should be the priority, we are witnessing state-protected racial violence and discrimination in America. Similarly, attacks on minorities, women, dalits, adivasis, human rights activists and weaker sections in India have increased. Racial-communal-casteist hatred and violence is a disaster as big as the Corona crisis and the people must come forward to end it and protect human values.