Reduce Duties on Petroleum Products, Give Relief to People

THE Modi government has embarked upon a merciless destruction of people’s livelihood which have already been severely assaulted both by the pandemic and the unplanned, unilaterally announced and totally mismanaged nationwide lockdown.

The prices of petrol and diesel have been hiked everyday for the last fifteen days. Cumulatively, petrol prices have been hiked by Rs. 7.97 and diesel by Rs. 8.88. This is further crippling the lives of crores of our people.

The Left parties including CPI, CPI(ML), CPI(M), RSP and AIFB have demanded that the central government sharply reduce its excise duties, on petroleum products, which are amongst the highest in the world today, and provide relief to the people. Oil marketing companies are making super profits at the expense of people. At the same time the central government is earning super revenues. This is criminal.

Instead of attending to the problems of survival of the people the Modi government is mounting further assaults. In this context, the Left parties have decided to organise all India protests on the following demands:

1. Immediately slash duties on petroleum products and reduce prices.
2. Immediately transfer Rs. 7500 per month for coming six months to all families not in the income tax paying bracket.
3. Distribute free 10 kg of foodgrains per individual to all the needy.

The Left parties have also extended their support to the strike call from July 2-4 of coal workers against the Modi government’s decision of privatization of coal mining. The Left parties also extended their full support and solidarity to the central trade unions for their all India protest call, on a charter of demands, on July 3, 2020.