Withdraw Petrol & Diesel Price Hike

THE All India Kisan Mahasabha has called for a Protest Day on 27 June against the exorbitant hike in petrol and diesel prices. AIARLA and RYA have announced that that they will also join the protest on 27 June. Kisan Mahasabha National General Secretary Rajaram Singh said that the crude oil prices in the international market have been cut by one-third since May 2014. But since the coming of the Modi government, there has been 69% taxation on petrol and diesel prices. Of the petrol price today, government taxes and various kinds of cess amount to Rs 58. In addition, the daily hikes by Oil companies are continuing unchecked. This is nothing but daylight robbery of the people by the Modi government.

The Modi government had kept petroleum products and liquor out of the ambit of GST so that the government could collect taxes at will from petroleum products and liquor which are two of the highest revenue making commodities. If petroleum products are brought into the ambit of GST petroleum prices in India would be about Rs 25 per litre as per the fallen level of international crude oil prices.

Kisan Mahasabha have called for protests and burning of Prime Minister Modi’s effigies at villages, towns and cities across the country.