CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal has said that BJP MP Sushil Modi has made it his business to make intemperate and nonsenscal statements. Bihar has been under the so-called double engine government for the last 16 years. Currently 39 Bihar MPs are from the NDA. Who then is stopping them from establishing industries in Bihar?

Instead of developing agriculture-based industries in Bihar the BJP is bent on auctioning off the country's agriculture to corporates like Adani and Ambani. National assets accrued over the years are being sold off at throwaway prices. Now when the farmers' movement has exploded against BJP's pro-corporate character, these BJP leaders are playing the drama of being supporters of farmers.

Comrade Kunal said that only 11 sugar mills are left in the State today. After the closing down of the Riga sugar mill, this number will be further reduced to 10. There are about 15 lakh quintals of ready sugar cane in the fields, whose value is about Rs 50 crores. This entire crop is going waste. Rs 60-70 crores are due to sugarcane farmers in arrears. Bank claims on cane payments through KCC are also about Rs 60 crores. The mill management owes Rs 2.5 crores to mill workers. The situation is very grave indeed. People are protesting, but the mill has not been re-started. Does the BJP have any answers?

Neither is paddy procured from Bihar farmers at MSP, nor has the sugar cane price been fixed for this year. This government provides no facilities for sharecroppers. The farmers of Bihar remember very well that the first thing done by the BJP-JDU government on coming to power was to end the Mandi system and make paupers of the farmers of Bihar.