All India Kisan Mahasabha organized a Kisan Panchayat in Haldwani and Rudrapur on 27 & 29 Dec. in which various organizations and people supporting the farmers' movement participated.

The historic farmers' movement against the Modi government's three new black laws enslaving Indian agriculture and food security to corporate and multi-national companies has become a talking point across the world today. Apart from the repeal of the three black laws, this movement also demands the repeal of two ordinances related to privatization of electricity and air pollution. This is a struggle against the Central government and its intent to hand over national assets to corporate companies in the name of economic reform. The lakhs of farmers camping on the borders of Delhi are writing a new chapter in the history of people's struggle against fascist autocracy.

The above thoughts were expressed by AIKM State President Anand Singh Negi in his address to the Kisan Panchayat. He said that for the first time farmers are fighting not only against Central government policies but are directly struggling against the Ambani-Adani groups who represent India's corporate face and are Prime Minister Modi's blue-eyed boys.

CPIML State Secretary Raja Bahuguna said that under the excuse of the Corona crisis the Modi government has brought a spate of draconian laws to hasten privatization and corporatization. The corporatization of agriculture puts the nation's food security under threat, but the people will not tolerate this.

Kisan leader Bahadur Singh Jangi pointed out that the new laws have ended the 'cash credit' facility from banks to state governments for procuring crops, and have ended the guarantee for FCI to buy crops procured by State mandis. As a result, State governments will be unable to procure crops through mandis, and farmers will be forced to sell their crops to corporate agents at throwaway prices.

AICCTU State Secretary KK Bora said that corporate and multi-national companies are now covetously eying agricultural land and trading in food items, and the Modi government is handing over these sectors to them.

AIPWA leader Vidya Rajwar said that the Modi government wants to hand over farming, food storage and distribution to corporates but farmers if the country will not allow this to happen. Krantikari Lok Adhikar Sangathan’s Mohan Matiyali said that multi-national companies and corporate houses want to establish a monopoly over farming and the food market. CPIML District Secretary Dr Kailash Pandey said that corporates already have a stranglehold over the seed and pesticide markets, and now the Modi government wants to hand over the entire agriculture and food sector to private companies. Kisan leader Baljeet Singh said that farmers across the country are united in the fight against these three new black anti-farm laws.

The Kisan Panchayat, supporting the ongoing farmers' movement, passed resolutions for repeal of the three new kaws, for MSP according to the Swaminathan Commission report and guarantee of governmental procurement, for waiver of farmers' loans, for repeal of Ekectricity Bill 2020, and for withdrawal of the law to extort crores of rupees from farmers as fine in the name of air pollution.