CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal said in a statement on 30 December 2020 that the BJP is a power-hungry party which can stoop to any level for power. Buying Opposition MLAs with money and muscle power, intimidating and breaking parties is par for the course for the BJP. Through such undemocratic means BJP has toppled many non-BJP State governments and formed its own government. Grabbing power through conspiracy and murder of Constitutional norms is written into the BJP’s DNA.

The Alliance ‘Dharma’ of the BJP has always been a pretense. We have all seen what they have reduced the LJP to in the Assembly election. Today the LJP is forced to fight an existential battle. After LJP, it is now the turn of the JDU. By breaking 6 JDU MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh the BJP has proved that it is now fully determined to destroy Nitish Kumar.

Comrade Kunal said that Nitish Kumar should ponder seriously how and why the BJP has limited the JDU, which won 115 seats in 2010, to 43 seats in 2020.Though the results of the Assembly election declared NDA victorious, everyone had sensed the people’s aspiration for change. Nitish Kumar made all kinds of compromises with a party like the BJP in order to retain his chair. He has allowed the RSS to openly pursue its communal politics in Bihar; under pressure from BJP he has allowed acquittal of those guilty of massacres of the poor. The truth is that today Nitish Kumar is nothing but a puppet in the hands of the BJP.

Despite being aware of this double-faced character of Nitish Kumar, the people of Bihar gave the Mahagathbandhan victory in 2015, but Nitish betrayed the people and went away to sit in the lap of the BJP, sealing his fate for the future.

“In Sushil Modi’s eyes, corporates like Ambani-Adani are farmers”, said Comrade Kunal. Countering Sushil Modi’s statement on the farmers’ Raj Bhavan march on 29 December, he said that Sushil Modi is unable to see the tens of thousands of farmers in the march because BJP and the entire Sangh gang want to hand over farming to corporate houses. For the BJP, it is not those who toil in the fields who are farmers; for them it is the rich Adanis and Ambanis of the world who are farmers and for whom they are throwing all Constitutional rules to the winds.

Comrade Kunal said that the land of Bihar is the land which nurtured the farmers’ movements of Sahajanand Saraswati, Master Jagdish and Ram Naresh Ram. When the poor and sharecropping farmers led by CPIML demanded their rights, vigilante armies like the Ranveer Sena were formed under the leadership of the BJP. It is common knowledge that Sushil Modi was one of the patrons of the Ranveer Sena. The Ranveer Sena chief who was responsible for the murder of hundreds of poor dalit women, men and children was called ‘Gandhi’ by the BJP. The hands of the BJP are stained with the blood of dalts, poor, workers, minorities and women from Gujarat to UP to Bihar. Now they have made farmers the target of their brutality. The Raj Bhavan march has proved the BJP’s claim that the Bihar farmers are happy with the new anti-farm laws is a lie. Small, middle, and sharecropping farmers in Bihar have united against these laws and exposed the lies propagated by BJP leaders.