CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal in a statement on 20 January strongly condemned the brutal lathi charge by the BJP-JDU government on peacefully protesting TET candidates at the Gardanibagh dharna spot in Patna. He said that instead of issuing appointment letters to the candidates and guaranteeing their contribution in schools, the government is speaking the language of lathis and bullets. We all remember how, during the Assembly election, the NDA saw defeat staring them in the face and so promised 19 lakh jobs. But immediately after coming to power they have forgotten that promise and have adopted the same old policy of repression as before.

The CPIML State Secretary said that it is the height of insensitivity that 94,000 candidates who cleared the TET exam in 2017 are still awaiting their appointments. Moreover, applications were obtained from them in 2019 but they have still not been appointed. After three years of government apathy they are now forced to choose the path of agitation. The government should have seriously and immediately considered their demands and found a way for their appointment, but instead they are being lathi charged by this arrogant BJP-JDU government.

Comrade Kunal extended full support to the TET candidates' demands and said that CPIML would raise this issue strongly in the coming Assembly session.


MLA Manoj Manzil in Support of TET Candidates

MLA and RYA National President Manoj Manzil met the TET candidates facing brutal police repression at the dharna spot in Gardanibagh on 21 January 2021in support of their struggle. He was accompanied by RYA State Secretary Sudhir Kumar, Ara District AISA President Pappu Kumar and other leaders.

MLA Manoj Manzil said that the brutal lathi charge on TET candidates despite prior permission being taken for the dharna exposes the tyranny of the government. The BJP-JDU government is repressing youth instead of providing jobs. Women candiates were chased and beaten up. This is an extremely shameful incident. He said that this matter will be raised strongly by the united Mahagathbandhan in the coming Assembly session. The Vidhan Sabha will also be gheraoed on the issue of education and employment where the demands of TET candidates will be prominently raised.

Manoj Manzil asked the government why it is not appointing the TET candidates when the High Court has given orders for appointment. He demanded that all 94,000 candidates be immediately appointed, and no procrastination will be tolerated.

He also demanded that the guilty police officials responsible for the brutal repression on the TET candidates should be identified and action should be taken against them.

CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal strongly condemned the lathi charge on Executive Assistants in Patna on 21 January and said that Bihar looks to be completely in the grip of Police Raj. Instead of acting upon protesters' demands the BJP-JDU government is speaking the language of lathis and bullets. He appealed to the youth of Bihar to show such a useless government its proper place. This goverment has ruled Bihar for the past 16 years but they have subjected the youth of Bihar to the worst neglect and repression.