CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said on 3 February that a Nitish model of tyranny is being developed in Bihar on the lines of Modi's tyrannical rule. Following in the footsteps of the Modi-Yogi governments the Nitish government had declared a few days ago that criticism of the government on social media falls under the category of crime, and now the diktat has been issued that those who take part in protests will not be given government jobs. This is a conspiracy to end the democratic right to protest. The CPIML condemns and opposes this and demands that such anti-democratic orders should be revoked immediately.

The CPIML General Secretary made the above statements during a meeting with Patna City activists at the party’s state office. Present at the meeting were leaders including Bihar State Secretary Kunal, Politburo members Dhirendra Jha and Amar, Patna City Secretary Abhyuday, Samta Rai, Murtaza Ali, Ashok Kumar, Anay Mehta, Naseem Ansari and others.

Comrade Dipankar further said that employment was a huge issue during the Bihar election. After the election students and youth of Bihar are feeling cheated and betrayed. The government is treating them like enemies and does not even want to engage in talks with them. Only recently, a brutal lathi charge was unleashed on teacher candidates in Patna. Instead of listening to their demands and starting the appointment process, the government is threatening and intimidating students and youth and other sections of protesters.

The truth is that Nitish Kumar is doing the work of carrying forward Modi's pro-corporate policies in Bihar, where he wants to inflict the honorarium-based employment policy whereas the long-standing demand of Bihar's youth has been for dignified and permanent employment. We demand that the BJP-JDU government must give 19 lakh regular jobs as promised by them during the Assembly election.

Comrade Dipankar said that the democracy-loving people of Bihar would protest strongly against the growing tyranny in Bihar and force the Nitish government to revoke such autocratic measures.