CPML Supports Countrywide Strike

CPIML Politburo member Kunal said that the Party fully supports the 2-day countrywide strike on 15-16 March called by the United Forum of Bank Unions against the privatization of banks announced by the Central government in the current Budget session. CPIML stands in solidarity with their movement and demands a stop to privatization of banks.

Comrade Kunal said after inflicting privatization on the railways, aviation, insurance, health and education, the Modi government is now targeting agriculture and banks. The entire process of privatization is a huge disaster for the country. The role of public sector banking in the country's development cannot be denied. This is the backbone of our country's economy, but now the government is bent on selling it.

He said that building an agitation against privatization of banking on the lines of the ongoing farmers' struggle is the need of the hour.