ASHA Workers’ Dharna : Call for Statewide Strike


ASHA wokers under the ASHA Sanyukta Morcha remained firm at their dharna spot in Gardanibagh on 17 March, the second day of their dharna against the Nitish government's betrayal, denial of rights and governmental disregard for ASHAs. ASHA workers' leader Shashi Yadav, addressing the dharna, said that if the government does not come down from its stubborn stance ASHA workers will organize a statewide strike on 25-26 March. If the government does not consider our demands even then, we will be constrained to go on an indefinite strike. We will not tolerate the government's betrayal of ASHA workers.

The dharna was attended by AIPWA General Secretary Meena Tiwari and other leaders. The leaders said that ASHAs are the backbone of the rural health system in Bihar and it is due to their hard work that vaccination has progressed so well in Bihar, maternity-child mortality rate has come down and the rate of institutional delivery has increased. ASHAs played a remarkable role during the Corona crisis. Despite this the government is not giving them even the minimum monthly honorarium as health workers.

The ASHA workers reiterated their demands for Rs 21000 monthly honorarium, government employee status, service record for all ASHA workers, timely and separate payment for each job they do, and other demands. Thousands of ASHA workers participating in the dharna pledged that they would carry forward the struggle until the government agrees to their demands.

ASHA Workers’ Dharna