Government must Guarantee Procurement of all Crops at MSP


CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal said that the decision of the Bihar government to procure chana and masur dal at support price is inadequate. Our demand is that the government must procure all crops at support price. The MSP for paddy has been fixed at Rs 1868 per quintal, but it is doubtful that paddy is procured at this rate anywhere in Bihar. Our paddy growing farmers are forced to sell their produce at Rs 800-900 per quintal. This situation should not arise for chana and masur dal also.

Under pressure from our agitation the government has taken this decision, but the example of paddy procurement is clearly in front of us and our fear is that despite the government decision, chana and masur will not be procured at MSP. Therefore the government should reassure the people of Bihar how it will ensure implementation of its decision on MSP. Moreover, there should also be the guarantee that the government will procure crops from any farmer who wishes to sell his crops.