Dairy Workers Protest


Operators and sub-operators (khalasi) engaged in supply work for Sudha Dairy organized a protest in Phulwarisharif on 17 March to reiterate their various long-standing demands. The march was in response to a call given by Patna District Private Vehicle Drivers and Employees Union, Sudha Dairy (AICCTU).

The Sudha Dairy workers' demands include: payment of wages for the month of March before Holi; sub-operators (khalasi) to be paid semi-skilled workers' wages; end overload and pay extra wages for this; overtime wages; weekly and annual holidays; ESI-PF facilities; identity cards; payment of annual bonus; compensation and wages for treatment period for 2 workers injured in accidents.

They also demanded end of contractualization.

Addressing the meeting at the Sudha Dairy main gate AICCTU leader Ranvijay Kumar said that if these long-standing demands are not fulfilled, the workers will be forced to go on strike and the Sudha Dairy management will be responsible for the consequences.