Withdrawal of Cases against Muzaffarnagar Riot Accused Unfortunate


The CPIML Uttar Pradesh unit has said that the District Court's giving approval to the state government's petition for withdrawal of cases against a dozen BJP leaders accused in the Muzaffarnagar riots, including Yogi government Minister Suresh Rana, MLA Sangeet Som, former MP Bharatendu Singh and VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi, is unfortunate.

In a statement issued on 28 March the party said that the Yogi government does not want justice to be done in the Muzaffarnagar riots. They are protecting the criminals in the name of 'people's interest' and misusing its position. Who then will give justice to the dozens who lost their lives in the riots and the thousands of families forced to flee in search of safety? The Yogi government, drunk with the arrogance of power, is doing injustice to its own victimized citizens.

The party said that this action by the government is a mockery of the Constitution and law on the one hand, and discriminatory on the other. The case against Dr Kafeel Khan last year for allegedly making inflammatory speeches and spreading disharmony was registered at the behest of the government, and he was locked up in jail for months under NSA. The Allahabad High Court declared this action illegal and the government was finally forced to release him, though the case has not yet been withdrawn.

The UP government has withdrawn criminal cases against a dozen BJP leaders, and earlier also criminal cases against Chief Minister Yogi had been withdrawn. If it were truly in people's interest, the false cases against Dr Kafeel Khan who saved so many children's lives at the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur and against protesters in anti-CAA and other people's protests should have been withdrawn.

CPIML has demanded that the higher judiciary should take suo moto cognizance in the interest of justice and cancel the closure of cases against those who perpetrated riots in Muzaffarnagar, reopen the cases and deliver justice to the riot victims.