Campaign to Save Historic Khudabakhsh Library

Note on Khudabakhsh Library

The Khudabakhsh Oriental Library is situated on the left side, ahead of Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) on Ashok Rajpath between Kargil Chowk and NIT. This library has made a significant contribution to Bihar's education world and is renowned not only nationally but internationally as well. It is an important source for knowledge and understanding of history. Mahatma Gandhi as well as many Presidents, politicians and intellectuals have visited this library. It is also an important centre for historical studies.

This library is the biggest treasure-house of the intellectual and cultural heritage of South and Central Asia. It houses about 21000 manuscripts and a unique collection of 2.5 lakh printed books. Keeping in view the infinite historical and intellectual importance of its valuable collection, the Government of India had declared this library an institution of national importance through an Act of Parliament in 1960. This library contains manuscripts written on paper, palm leaf, deerskin, cloth and various other materials. It contains lakhs of printed books in German, French, Punjabi, Japanese and Russian as well as Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and English. It plays an important role in fulfilling the needs of students, youth and citizens for research work and Oriental Studies. There are two separate reading rooms for researchers and scholars and casual readers. In this situation, damaging or demolishing even a single inch of this library or its grounds is an assault on the entire world of education.

We are witnessing repeated attacks by the BJP-JDU government on educational-academic institutions. The attack on Khudabakhsh Library is the latest in this series. We demand that the government should desist from tampering with declared heritage buildings and damaging and destroying Khudabakhsh Oriental Library in the name of constructing flyovers.


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