Adopt Scientific Temper towards Corona, Help People


We are going through very difficult times. All around us, people are dying, gasping for breath; bodies are being cremated en masse, 24/7.

The Modi government is single handedly responsible for this spate of deaths. It declared "victory" over the pandemic in January, and callously allowed Kumbh Mela and Assembly Election rallies to take place, thus fuelling the deadly virus. Further, in the past year, they failed to ensure enough oxygen plants, hospital beds, and life saving medicines. While making election promises of free vaccines in Assembly Elections, the Modi regime is actually forcing state governments to buy vaccines from profiteering companies at higher rates.

Moreover, the Modi Government and the ruling BJP have unleashed a propaganda campaign seeking to silence criticism and divert blame. Those who write about the oxygen crisis that is taking lives, and point out the discrepancies between the officially admitted number of Covid-19 deaths and the actual numbers of cremations, are being censored and threatened with arrest. In his Mann ki Baat, the PM himself circulated a video making the false claim that nebulisers could be used as substitutes for oxygen support. The PM and his government and party are completely unwilling to take any responsibility for the terrible crisis they have unleashed upon this country.

Many of our out dear friends, relations, comrades are ill and many are admitted in hospitals. On the one hand we need to ask the government to make better arrangements for treatment, and on the other we must come forward and help the people in every possible way.

1. Be wise, don't panic, and adopt a scientific temper towards Covid-19.

In a capitalist system, corporations will try to exploit every crisis for their profits - and Covid-19 is no exception. The pandemic actually forces the world to recognise the need for free public healthcare for all. While resisting corporate greed, we must not fall prey to conspiracy theories that try to deny or play down the severity of the Covid-19 disease itself, or that try to dissuade people from using masks and vaccines.

Since the virus is also spreading through air, masks are the most effective deterrents. All should definitely wear a good N95 mask or double mask with surgical mask underneath and cotton mask on top. If anyone has cold, cough or fever a doctor should be consulted immediately, Covid test should be done and the person should self-quarantine. In the current situation, cold, cough and fever should be considered Covid-19 and all Covid protocol should be implemented immediately.

We must demand vaccines for all, and encourage everyone to avail of vaccination as soon as available.

2. Aid and assist people

We must keep in live contact with the people while observing all safety and preventive precautions and help them in every possible way. The Corona crisis should be at the core of our concerns while we discharge our social and organizational responsibilities. At the present time we should postpone programs that require gatherings of people. Please avoid attending marriages and other such functions and counsel relatives and friends to postpone such functions for the time being.

Our comrades are taking many initiatives to provide relief to the people in this crisis. Helpline numbers have been put out at various places. Comrades have visited hospitals and set up help camps at hospitals to help the needy. Our MLA comrades in Bihar and Jharkhand are also taking consistent initiatives.

3. Please contribute to the party’s Relief Fund

A Disaster Relief Fund is required for helping people in this growing crisis as well as to help members of our organization who are affected by Covid-19. This time entire families including all members are falling ill simultaneously, resulting in a grave crisis for those who live on daily earnings.