CPIML Charter to the West Bengal Govt.


CPIML West Bengal Sate Committee has submitted the following Charter of Demands to the Chief Secretary and Health Secretary of West Bengal Government on 26 April 2021, demanding effective and appropriate measures of treatment in view of the second wave of Covid pandemic spreading across the country.

  1. The Central Government must ensure free supply of Covid vaccine to the State Governments as per the Communicable Diseases Control Programme of the Government of India.

  2. The number of beds in the hospitals, the latest situation regarding oxygen supply should be published in bulletin form at regular intervals of 4-5 hours. Details of the planning and progress report of building oxygen plant in the government hospitals must be published in public domain.

  3. The Central and State Governments must take responsibilities for the prevention and vaccination for Covid infection on emergency basis.

  4. Covid vaccine must be given from all government and private medical colleges and hospitals, health centers, private hospitals, nursing homes at free of cost.

  5. Uninterrupted availability of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, masks, life-saving drugs, hospital beds should not be compromised showing financial crisis or administrative failures.

  6. Any negligence or lack of responsibility in the control and treatment of Covid at any stage of the Ministry or administrative level should be considered as criminal negligence and punishable offense.

  7. Covid treatment and vaccines protocols and guidelines by National and International organizations must be followed.

  8. Spreading of unscientific ideas, superstitions and prejudices about Covid infections must be stopped.

  9. Long-term plans should be taken to prevent and treat infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

  10. At least 6% of the central budget should be allocated to the health sector.

  11. Universal Health Coverage Scheme should be introduced for every citizen of the country.

  12. An insurance of Rs 50 lakh should be provided to all doctors, health workers and other frontline workers.

  13. Social organizations should also be involved in the control of the ongoing pandemic.

  14. Covid tax should be imposed on all corporate organizations.

  15. Specific guidelines should be conveyed for cremation or burial of dead bodies.

  16. Those standing in queue for vaccination must be given coupons to avoid any hassle. If they do not get the vaccine on that day, they should be given a chance on the next day.

  17. Vaccination should be arranged in every industrial and government office.

  18. Strict measures must be taken to control the exorbitant cost charged by the Private hospitals to treat Covid patients.