People of Uttarakhand Demand Accountability from Government


Responding to the call given by various people's organizations and opposition parties, thousands of people across Uttarakhand are raising their voice. A protest dharna from homes was organized from 11 am to 12 pm on 8 May 2021 with the slogan, "Each and every patient is the government's responsibility! Either provide treatment for the sick, or resign from power!"

Ever since the 2nd Covid wave started, various organizations, opposition leaders and the common people have been raising their voice for necessary measures but the government remains silent till today.

CPIML Nainital Secretary Dr Kailash Pandey said that the Uttarakhand government has done nothing whatsoever to cope with Covid, and whatever little relief people are getting is due to personal or group efforts. This government has proved an absolute failure in protecting the people from this pandemic.

Various people's organizations alleged that the government has made the people helpless instead of strong. Examples of the government's failures are:

--Instead of organizing a call centre in every District so that a single phone number gives information regarding oxygen, beds, tests etc, patients are forced to dial ten, twenty and even forty different numbers.
--Failure to properly and timely update the website supposed to give information on beds.
--Installing oxygen plants in every District and then leaving them all shut and non-functional.
--Announcing vaccination and then delaying availability indefinitely.

The following demands were made through the protest:

  1. Make arrangements for proper and full treatment of each and every Covid infected person.
  2. Declare a health emergency.
  3. Arrest black marketers of medicines under NSA.
  4. Put out in public the rates of treatment in private hospitals.
  5. Take legal action against open loot in the name of treatment in private hospitals.
  6. Make it mandatory to put in public domain the list of doctors treating Covid patients in private hospitals.
  7. The government should ensure availability of oxygen and ventilators.
  8. Which medicines are being given to the patient in hospital and which doctor has prescribed them? Full written information of this should be given to the patient's family daily.
  9. Private hospital managements that are not following government rules should be taken over immediately by the government.
  10. Arrangements should be made by the government for boarding and lodging at minimum cost near every hospital for one family member of the patient.
  11. The government should act immediately against spiralling prices of food items and register cases under the black marketing and hoarding Act against companies guilty of this.
  12. The government should immediately control daily rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Covid Crisis: People of Uttarakhand Demand