Prof RN Vyas


The demise of Prof RN Vyas in Udaipur, Rajasthan due to Covid-19 is an immense loss that can never be filled. A sensitive, loving person always with the people's interest at heart, he dedicated himself to people's struggles for an egalitarian society. As an academic he was a committed teacher, a dedicated researcher and immensely popular with his students for the love and personal interest he took in them. Visit any village in South Rajasthan, and the minute you mention Sukhadia University people remember RN Vyas Sir of the Geography department who not only taught the subject so interestingly that his students developed a taste for Geography, but also taught them how studies can become our ideological strength and enrich our understanding and experience of life. In addition to curricular studies, an important part of his teaching was to teach his students to work for society. From 9 am to 9 pm his time was spent in the department with his research scholars. He discharged his administrative responsibilities as a skilled administrator while always behaving respectfully and courteously with his staff and all the employees. He is remembered by the college staff with great respect for his way of showing them the right way to work.

Prof RN Vyas took the lead in starting the Jantantrik Vichar Manch (Forum for Democratic Ideas) which gave the citizens and progressive thinkers of Udaipur a platform to discuss burning issues of society. Through the debates and discussions on this forum, countless people got the opportunity to get a better understanding of social and political issues.

AIPWA national leader Prof Sudha Chaudhury said she will at every step remember the unique experience of working with such a colleague. His passing is extremely painful and hard to bear.

Adieu, Prof RN Vyas!