Demand Day observed across Jharkhand


Corona is not just a natural disaster but has become an imposed unnatural disaster in the entire country due to the Central government's incompetence and negligence. The prevention methods being adopted against Covid are unscientific and baseless. Prevention of Covid is not possible through cows, cow dung and cow urine. Lakhs of deaths across the country is nothing short of genocide. The Central government should acknowledge its failures and resign without delay.

The above statement was made by CPIML Jharkhand State Secretary Janardan Prasad while addressing 'Demand Day' protests on 20 May 2021. Ranchi District Secretary Bhuvaneshwar Kewat said that if the Central government had taken the 1st wave of Covid seriously and taken timely measures to improve the health system, the country could have been saved this humongous tragedy it is suffering today. Most of the deaths have been due to shortage of medical facilities and mismanagement. The government should give Rs 10 lakhs each to the dependents of all persons who have died due to Covid, otherwise we will knock at the court's doors for justice.

CPIML observed Demand Day across Jharkhand in all Districts from homes, offices, work places, bazaars and mohallas with posters and banners. The demands included Rs 10 lakhs compensation for Covid victims, free rations and Rs 10000 for rural poor and workers facing hunger and unemployment due to lockdown, and free medical treatment for Covid patients.

Demand Day observed across Jharkhand 2


Demand Day observed across Jharkhand 3


Demand Day observed across Jharkhand 4