Gangrape Victim in Patna Hospital

AIPWA General Secretary Meena Tiwari informed that few days ago the matter of gangrape of a woman Covid patient undergoing treatment at Patna's Paras Hospital came to light. The charge was brought by the victim's daughter. Later, we got news of the woman's death. Clearly this is not an ordinary case but prima facie appears extremely suspicious. Therefore AIPWA demands a high level enquiry into this entire matter.

It is extremely unfortunate that while the entire humanity is battling the Covid pandemic and people are dying in large numbers, women are being raped and molested even in these deadly times. Some days ago a woman from Bhagalpur had shared her anguish and anger on social media at being molested inside hospital. It is very worrying that such incidents are occurring repeatedly even during this hour of pandemic.

AIPWA demands from the Chief Minister that such incidents should be curbed and hospital managements also should be dealt with strictly. The truth is that what we are seeing around us today is the result of the atmosphere nurtured over the past few years during BJP rule.