CPIML Writes To Bihar CM Regarding Alarming Spread Of Covid In Rural Areas


CPIML Bihar State Secretary wrote a letter to the Bihar Chief Minister regarding the rapid and alarming spread of Covid infection in rural areas. In his letter he has made the following demands:

1. Medical teams should be sent forthwith to all villages to do house to house Covid testing.

2. Intensive miking and awareness campaign for Covid protocol (physical distancing, sanitization, masks)should be carried out. Good quality masks should be distributed free.

3. Vaccination should be speeded up in rural areas by sending medical teams so that time-bound vaccination for all is done.

4. A large number of Covid victims are poor. Therefore immediate compensation of Rs 10 lakhs each to the families of the deceased victims, 6 months' rations and employment should be arranged.

5. A system of regular state to block level talks should be developed between the administration, political parties and social organizations, so that we can all face this difficult challenge together.

Comrade Kunal said that rural areas are no longer safe from the mega-explosion of Covid. All villages and even all houses have become Covid infected. For example in Patna District's Paliganj reports have come of 70 painful deaths, while the number is 100 in Arwal. Clearly, the accurate figure of deaths is far greater. We are getting unrelenting reports of horrific community transmission from other Districts also.

On the one hand Covid infection is escalating, while on the other hand there is delusion and indifference still among people in rural areas.

People are thinking of it as common cold and cough and neglecting it, not going to hospital, neither wearing masks nor maintaining physical distancing. As a result the situation is worsening on a daily basis and will very soon go out of control and many people will lose their lives.

Therefore we feel that you should take immediate steps in this regard.