Bihar High Court Monitored Probe into Covid Period Deaths

The Bihar government is clearly hiding Covid death statistics in the state. CPIML Bihar has said that the Patna High Court's intervention in this matter is a welcome step and demanded that all deaths during the Covid period should be probed under the High Court's supervision.

Bihar State Secretary Kunal said the CPIML has consistently been saying that the government is hiding the true statistics to cover up its own failure. After the High Court's intervention the government has been forced to show fresh statistics for Covid deaths.

But even these fresh statistics are only half-truths. The whole of Bihar knows that a large number of deaths have occurred during the 2nd wave of Covid. This time each and every village was pervasively affected but only a very small number was tested. There is a huge scam in the Covid positive results. Therefore our demand is that all deaths during this period should be counted as Covid deaths and the government should provide compensation for every death. The High Court has very correctly said that every application received by the government for compensation should be treated as a genuine application. Presently the CPIML is preparing a list of all deaths during this period from village to village, and will soon submit this list to the government.