Bihar Government Not Serious about Illicit Liquor Deaths

The continuous deaths in Bihar due to poisonous liquor are becoming a normal occurrence. Hardly any month goes by without such deaths but Nitish Kumar, who boasts about prohibition in Bihar, remains unmoved. We have said repeatedly that the illegal liquor business is flourishing in Bihar and yet the government is giving protection to this nexus. As a result, the series of poisonous liquor deaths continues unabated.

After the 15 deaths due to poisonous liquor at Ramnagar and Lauria in Western Champaran, Sikta MLA Virendra Prasad Gupta led a CPIML team that visited the spot and enquired into the facts. MLA Virendra Prasad Gupta said that these deaths occurred at Hardia village on 10-12 July and at Deurva Bazaar on 13-14 July. Production of poisonous liquor is going on openly with the administration's protection. They are so powerful that the common people are unable to protest.

Last February also, poisonous liquor deaths occurred in Lauria Thana area. This time also the deaths have occurred in Ramnagar and Lauria Thana areas. The administration is busy hushing up the matter.

The administration is trying to save itself by arresting the small fish. CPIML demanded that action should be taken against the big liquor traders as well as Ramnagar and Narkatiaganj DSPs and Ramnagar and Lauria Thana chiefs who are trying to whitewash the entire episode.