Citizens of Delhi Stand Against Illegal Demolition

Fight against police brutality on residents and activists!

On 3rd July, Citizens of Delhi, including students, youth, teachers, workers etc. held protest against the brutal attack on the residents of Khori Village, Faridabad. Under the orders of Supreme Court, Haryana Police has begun demolition of homes of the area, threatening forced evacuation of about 1 lakh people. Faced with resistance, the Haryana Police resorted to brutal violence on the residents, activists, including students from DU.

The protesters held placards and raised their voice on social media against the acts of Haryana Police. Students from JNU, DU, Jamia, AUD etc. along with youth and workers from RYA, AICCTU, AISA and CPIML demanded to immediately stop the demolition along with:

• Restoration of water services in Khori Village
• No displacement without proper relocation and consent of the residents
• Right to housing for all citizens

CPIML Delhi Secretary Ravi Rai termed this demolition drive unconstitutional and illegal and called for to resist this attack on residents of Khori Gaon, and fight for the people’s right to housing which is everybody’s basic right.

Earlier on 30 June six Left Parties gave a Memorandum to the Chief Minister of Haryana through the Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhavan regarding the demolition of Khori Village in Faridabad, Haryana. The main demands made by the 6 Left parties were:

  1. The Haryana Govt must immediately write to the Hon. Chief Justice of India and urge him to re-examine the order passed by the SC on 7th June and protect The Right to Shelter of the residents of Khori village.

  2. The Govt. of Haryana must ensure that there is no eviction and demolition without rehabilitation and resettlement of the residents. It must also ensure that the resettlements happen in a manner which will protect the livelihoods of the residents of Khori village.

  3. A fresh survey must be conducted to identify the immediate residents as any resettlement and rehabilitation on the basis of old surveys will result in the exclusion of many current residents from any future scheme of resettlement and rehabilitation.

  4. There should be uninterrupted water and electricity supply for the residents of Khori village and police shouldn’t harass and intimidate residents and restrict their mobility; and

  5. Activists and trade union leaders must be allowed to enter the village and meet the residents.


Stand Against Illegal Demolition