girl killed for wearing jeans

Family members, especially the grandfather and paternal uncle, of Neha Paswan in Deoria District found her wearing jeans so objectionable that they beat her to death. A 7-member AIPWA team led by State Joint Secretary and Devaria District President Geeta Pandey visited the village. AIPWA has demanded the strictest punishment for the killers and protection for the victim's parents.

The AIPWA team included Geeta Pandey, Suman, Seema, Savita, Urmila, Kusumawati and Pramila, who assured the victim's parents of every possible help and support. The victim's mother said, we will fight because what happened to my daughter should not happen to anyone else's daughter. My daughter dreamt of becoming a police constable, but that dream has been snatched away by members of the family. But I will not sit quiet.

When will our patriarchy-ridden society learn not to police girls and women on what they should do or not do? Women have the right to make their own decisions in life. Since the coming to power of Ajay Singh Bisht, attacks on women, girls and dalits by Brahminical forces have increased manifold. Women are not safe. Law and order has broken down completely in the State. Recently a dalit youth was killed in Yogi's home District Gorakhpur for marrying an upper caste girl. There have been 15 murders, 3 rapes and one dacoity within 72 hours in 16 Districts despite the so-called Ramrajya in UP. A woman was killed during a dacoity in Sitapur. A 60-year old woman gang-raped in Mahoba and her private parts stuffed with chilly powder. A six year old girl was raped and killed in Baghpat. A youth was shot point blank in Amethi. A minor girl was raped at gun point in Muzaffarnagar. It looks as if emboldened criminals in Uttar Pradesh have killed law and order in an 'encounter'.

Will CM Yogi take strict action against these criminal goons and will their property also be confiscated, or is that only for protesters and activists so that people do not protest against the government's wrong policies?