ward secretaries

The BJP-JDU government in Bihar is ceaselessly speaking the language of repression. The police atrocity on Ward secretaries in Patna on 29 July are highly condemnable.

For the last 4 years the Bihar government has been conducting 'Nal-Jal' and 'Gali-Nali' scheme works through 1,14000 Ward secretaries but so far they have not been paid even a single rupee. Now that they are demanding payment for their work, they are brutally lathicharged. What kind of justice is this?

These Ward secretaries are working for the government while suffering troubles and travails, hunger and thirst. It is unimaginable that any government can be so insensitive. The CPIML strongly condemns this feudal practice of extracting work without payment and demands that the government should immediately pay the Ward secretaries for the work of the past 4 years and regularize all of them. The party stands firmly with the struggle of the Ward secretaries and will fight this battle decisively.