A team of CPIML visited more than a dozen flood affected villages in Gorakhpur District on 15 September. The team said that the administration is doing nothing provide relief to people affected by flood and water stagnation. Relief food kits are being distributed in an arbitrary manner. CPIML demands that the administration should without delay provide food and ration kits, non-refundable relief amounts, and crop and housing loss compensation to all the flood affected people.

CPIML District Secretary Rajesh Sahni said that there are no boat arrangements in the affected villages. The villagers have complained to the authorities about arbitrary distribution of food kits but they have not been heeded and the genuine needy persons remain deprived of the food kits. Hundreds of people in these villages are trapped inside their homes because of flooding and are trying to manage with boats made of thermacol as the administration has not made any arrangements. Accidents can happen at any moment. Only a few pumps have been arranged for water drainage. CPIML demanded relief, food and ration kits, kerosene oil, and housing and crop loss compensation for all the people affected by floods and water logging.