Caste Census Bogus

The argument given by the Central government in the Supreme Court in favour of not getting a caste census done is bogus. CPIML PB member Kunal said that a caste census is necessary for reservation to be logical and for dalits, backward and very backward castes to get their just rights but because the BJP's attack is squarely on SC/ST reservation, they do not want to do a caste census and are giving this bogus argument. Conrade Kunal said, it is ironical that we are still using the 1931 caste census as a base though many changes have happened since then. If a caste census is done afresh and new data emerges, definitely the ambit of SC/ST reservation, even now stuck at 50%, will have to be increased. The Centre is refusing to do a caste census, basing its reasons on the anomalies of the 2011 socio-economic census.

Rectifying anomalies is the job of the government. Evading a caste census under the excuse of administrative complications and difficulties only shows the anti-dalit/backward mind set of the BJP. The Rohini Commission report on reservation and weaker castes is yet to come, whereas it has been given 11 extensions after it was constituted in 2017 clearly the BJP is working to suppress the dalit-backward numbers in the country and throttle their right to reservation.