The 3 Left parties in Uttarakhand (CPI, CPIM and CPIML) will enter the 2022 electoral battle jointly in Uttarakhand with the slogan 'Oust BJP, Build Left Opposition'. This announcement was made on 22 September by CPI State Secretary Samar Bhandari, CPIM State Secretary Rajendra Singh Negi and CPIML State Secretary Raja Bahuguna at a joint press conference in Dehradun.

The Left leaders said that Uttarakhand has lacked an effective opposition which is essential for a healthy democracy to check the politics of loot and corruption. It is the aim of Left parties to fill this need and to be the voice of the people inside the Assembly, for which Left parties will jointly contest the election and unite pro-people, progressive secular forces.

The destructive policies of the Modi government have been disastrous for Uttarakhand, concrete examples being the Land Reform Act 2018 and the All Weather Road. The BJP regime in Uttarakhand will be remembered for unemployment, inflation, ramshackle education and health services, and changing Chief Ministers. While the BJP, Congress and AAP are in the electoral battle for power, the Left parties' aim is to raise the common people's voice inside the Assembly.

Present at the press conference were CPIM leader Surendra Singh Sajwan, CPI leader Ashok Sharma and CPIML leader Indresh Maikhuri.