Covid Compensation Case Filed

During the hearing of the case filed in the Patna High Court by CPIML Bihar State Secretary Kunal regarding the demand for Rs 4 lakhs compensation to each of the families of persons who died during the Covid period, the High Court has sent a notice to the Bihar Health Secretary.

Advocate in the case Basant Chaudhury said that the government has been given 2 months' time. We have submitted to the court the list of people who died in the Covid period, as collected by CPIML. Most of the deceased persons had symptoms of Covid, and those who did not have symptoms died untimely deaths due to lack of timely treatment as the health services had broken down; therefore, our argument is that all such people have a right to compensation.

CPIML State Secretary Kunal said, we will confront the government on all fronts. The government cannot run away from its responsibility because it is due to governmental negligence that people lost their lives on such a large scale. These deaths could have been prevented if the health system had functioned properly and oxygen, beds etc had been provided on time.