Lecture on 'Freedom Movement and Partition' Organized

A lecture on 'Freedom Movement and Partition' was organized by the Nainital People's Forum on 12 December at the Nainital. The main speaker AIPWA National Secretary Kavita Krishnan underlined the importance and necessity of revisiting the history of the freedom movement in today's times. In the 75th year of independence, the Modi government is distorting and falsifying history and consciously presenting a communal version of the freedom struggle and partition and through this making every effort to carry forward their communal campaign. In his speech at Kedarnath, Modi appealed for giving religious places respect equal to places associated with the freedom struggle, and by stressing their 'historic role' in 'protecting religion' took another step forward in changing the definition of the freedom struggle and the independence won after so many sacrifices. At this juncture it has become more important than ever to disseminate the true legacy of the freedom movement and any communal edition of the freedom struggle.

Citing many examples from medieval history, Comrade Kavita pointed out how, through communal rewriting of history, rivalries and fights between various kings are being presented as Hindu-Muslim fights. Noting the pro-British role of the Hindu Mahasabha and RSS, she cited books and writings by freedom fighters Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Rajaji etc as well as writings of prominent Hindu Mahasabha and RSS leaders like Savarkar, Golwalkar and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee to make clear the Sangh's view of the freedom struggle. Looking after the interests of the British Raj and refusing to recognize the Indian National Movement as a struggle for independence was the viewpoint of the Sangh. The Sarvarkar whom the RSS-BJP are today trying their best to ensconce as the greatest hero of the freedom struggle had not only promised undying loyalty to the British and apologized for his 'mistake' in participating in the freedom struggle, but was also the first person to propose the 2-nation theory saying Hindu and Muslim are not just two religions but two nations and can never live together. It is this theory of Savarkar which the Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League further expounded to pave the way for Partition.

Comrade Kavita appealed to everyone, particularly to youth, to desist from acquiring falsehoods through Whatsapp University propaganda and instead read books written by prominent historians on the freedom struggle and medieval history.

The program was presided over by renowned historian Prof Shekhar Pathak. CPIML Garhwal Secretary Indresh Maikhuri gave a talk on 'Freedom Struggle and Dalits in Uttarakhand'. The program was conducted by Advocate Kailash Joshi and attended by a large number of people including teachers and students of Kumaon University, lawyers, farmers, retired employees, ASHA Union, Rickshaw Union and Horse Buggy Union representatives.