The Rajasthan Loktantrik Morcha has decided to launch a Social Justice campaign in the state on the following issues:

1. Make public the data of the socio-economic census of 2011; pass a resolution in the Rajasthan Assembly for a caste-based census and send it to the Central government, as done by Bihar.

2. Full loan waiver for farmers.

3. Central government must fix MSP for all agricultural products and pass a law guaranteeing procurement at MSP.

4. To launch a 'Save farming, land, forests, water' movement against  governments' decision to hand all these national assets to corporates and capitalists.

5. End policy of privatization and give jobs to youth by filling vacant posts in PSUs.

6. Reinstate the 44 labour laws and end the 4 labour codes.

7. End contract system and regularize more than 2 lakh contract workers working in various state govt departments abd Central govt sponsored projects.

8. Unemployment allowance to all unemployed.

9. Implement Constitution-mandated reservations strictly; ensure proportional representation of SC/ST/OBC.

10. End application form fees and exam fees. Taking fees of any kind from the unemployed amounts to oppression.

11. Create a time-bound, controversy-free and fool-proof exam system for recruitment.

12. Implement 5th Amendment provisions strictly and honestly in tribal areas.

13. Stop attacks on dalits, women and all weaker sections. Ensure special courts if necessary for timely action in such cases.

14. Pay proper compensation immediately in all Covid death cases.

15. Schools closed in the Covid period have collected 85% fees from guardians, whereas staff have been paid nothing or near nothing. Ensure payment to staff proportionate to fees collected.

The campaign is being conducted jointly by CPIML, CPI, CPIM and Janata Dal Secular under the banner of Rajasthan Loktantrik Morcha.