CPIML Team Revisits Rural Bihar

From 5 to 8 December, a CPIML team led by Kavita Krishnan and Samkaleen Lokyuddh Editor Santosh Sahar once again met Covid victims in various Districts of Bihar including Bhojpur, Arwal and Rohtas.

The condition of dependants, women and children of those who died of Covid is very bad. Even those who have Covid positive certificates have not received compensation. Also, Covid victims have not received widow pension, family benefits, Kabir Antyeshti Kosh benefits etc. which is a gross negligence on the part of the Bihar government which has made the condition of Covid victim families miserable.

Even after so many months of deadly Covid second wave, there is no preparation to cope with a third wave at any level, be it village, Zone, Block or District hospitals. The oxygen plant have been inaugurated at some places but there is no production, and no technicians have yet been appointed to run ventilators etc. ICUs which had opened during or after last wave of pandemic are once again shut down.

The CPIML has demanded from the Nitish administration to take appropriate measures to avoid repetition of any unfortunate situation owing to the pandemic. The party has asked for a complete overhaul of healthcare system up to the village level to cope with the continuing pandemic in the state.