Foiled and Defeated

Swami Sahajanand Saraswati’s legacy is the legacy of revolutionary peasants’ movement and Bihar’s people will not accept BJP’s attempts to cast him as a caste leader. The BJP is trying to malign the legacy of a revolutionary by projecting him in a castiest political agenda to advance its divisive politics. CPIML Bihar state secretary Kunal, All India Kisan Sabha leader Rajaram Singh and AIARLA general secretary Dhirendra Jha issued a statement pledging to advance the cause of farmers to further the legacy of Sahajanand against anti-farmer BJP’s politics which had brought three farm laws to hand over the future and livelihoods of farmers in the hands of crony corporates.

Swami Sahajanand was a leader who fought for farmers and land reforms. He was instrumental in bringing forth the rights of agrarian workers and small sharecroppers. The BJP in Bihar is trying to appropriate a very rich legacy of farmers movement in the name of commemorating the anniversary of Swami Sahajanand, but first this party has to answer why it brought in the three farm laws and why still it has not fulfilled the agreement reached with the farmers’ movement on Delhi’s borders, why the likes of Ajay Mishra Teni and his son are not in jail?

BJP is a party of feudals and landlords always against the interests of the farmers. Even today farmers in Buxar are fighting for compensation for their lands seized in an acquisition and their files are lying unattended in the hands of the central government.

While farmers are staging a brave fight against the scarcity of Urea and other fertilisers, for the rights of tenants and sharecroppers, for the guaranteed MSP and procurement of farm produce, for the agrarian and rural workers’ minimum wages, against depletion of funds in MNREGA, and for complete land reforms, the BJP’s attempts to weaken the farmers movement and to malign the legacy of revolutionary leaders will be foiled by the people in every way.